Support Group - Everyone is Welcome to Attend

Support Groups are held the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month At the Cardston Provincial Building Board Room from 10 – 11 am

The support group is a confidential meeting led by professionally trained facilitators designed with the goal of offering support and tools for decreasing stress, increasing health and enhancing self-care in relationships.

The Caring Connection support group is for anyone, at home or at work, that desires to improve their relationship within themselves which benefits by improving their relationships with others, work and issues outside of themselves. When the basic need to care gets out of balance we over identify or over attach and develop over care or not caring enough. 

At times, we have unreasonable expectations of ourselves and others which can lead to perfectionism, rigidity, feelings of anger or guilt. We may fear losing what we love and develop high stress levels and anxiety. Over personalizing, worry and obsessing can create patterns and habits of behaviour. We can create feelings like performance anxiety where we don't think we are doing enough or it is not good enough which can be projected onto others involved. The other reaction to over caring is to close down and not care enough—to burn out or have compassion fatigue. (Transforming Anxiety)

Over care can happen at home, in our family relationships and as we care for others at work or in work itself.

Caring Connection also offers resources and information on ways and services available to help. 

Support Group - Support literally means to give help, encouragement or approval to; bear all or part of the weight. The caring connection support group is a place to be in coherence with others which in itself brings health and well-being. Come learn techniques and tools to de-stress and be healthy where you are in the moment.

Cardston Provincial Building Address

576 Main Street, Cardston, Alberta